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Welcome to IW Nation. We are a publication that dedicates itself to the discussion, exploration, and dissection of various gaming topics. The world of gaming is one which will always have new topics, massive changes, and even giant leaps in terms of the technology that is being used. This is why it is important to find as much information about it as it is possible.

This is really important to us as a publication. Through the years, there are certain resources that have really stood out above the rest. We found them to be pretty useful so we would like to share them with you. We hope that you’ll find them to be just as useful when it comes to the topic of games and gaming!


PCWorld is a publication that is dedicated to the topic of computers, software, game consoles, gadgets, and so many more. All of these can be used for gaming and have a direct relation to games. We have found their reviews of certain gaming components to be really helpful.

European Commission

If your interest in gaming takes you down the gambling and the iGaming route, then this is one resource that you will want to check back with from time to time. This will usually have information regarding any laws and regulations that they have about gambling in the EU. They can even tell you more about online gambling.

Do you happen to have any resource that you make use of? Share them with us so that we can check them out. If they’re any good, we can add them to this page so that other people may be able to use them in the future.