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be a writer - Be a Writer

Welcome to IW Nation. We are a publication that dedicates itself to the discussion, exploration, and dissection of various gaming topics. As a publication, we are constantly on the lookout for new updates and news in the world of games and gaming. While we would be completely happy to say that we’ve got this completely covered, there are simply too many things going on to sufficiently cover everything.

This is why we are searching for more people to become a part of our writer team! We need people who can help bring to life articles that focus on gaming as a whole. This involves giving personal accounts and anecdotes. We would love to have you as a part of our writing team if you’ve got:

Gaming Experience

Regardless of the sort of game that you play—whether it video games, online games, or even gambling (both online and offline)—we would highly appreciate your input. We think that personal experience trumps theoretical ones and ones that obtain knowledge through research. We need people who have gaming experience so discussions can come from a place of authenticity.

Writing Experience

Words are delicate things. You string them together a certain way without thinking and you may end up with misunderstanding on your hands. In order for a message to be carried through properly, it requires skill and experience. We need people who have writing experience so that our message can be carried through well.

If you would like to try your hand at joining us, you can reach us at 414-559-0184. Give us a call and we’ll start your application.