Can Digital Nintendo Switch Games Be Sold Or Refunded?

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Some gamers may, at some point, want to trade in or return a digital Nintendo Switch title. Although it is inevitable, the question is whether it is even feasible.

Usually, once purchased, digital Nintendo Switch games cannot be sold or refunded. All digital game purchases for the Nintendo Switch are final; Nintendo does not issue refunds for unintended purchases or games a player does not like.

A Nintendo Switch game cannot be refunded unless it has serious quality problems.

Today, I’ll go through how to get in touch with Nintendo support to request a game refund, how frequently they provide them, and the crucial procedures you should follow before making a game purchase.

Can Nintendo Switch games be refunded?

The Nintendo refund policy stipulates that all sales are final; therefore, once acquired, Nintendo Switch games cannot be returned.

Digital software cannot be returned owing to unfavorable product reviews, unintentional purchases made by someone with access to your account, or the majority of other frequent causes.

However, Nintendo occasionally issue refunds, usually in the case of games that have received a lot of negative press for their poor quality.

In these situations, you must contact customer service, who will typically react by saying that the refund will be a one-time credit to your account.

Nintendo’s Refusal to Issue Refunds Due To

Refunds are not available from Nintendo for

erroneous purchases
purchases made on your account by someone else (friends, family)
games that you dislike
brief games
games you found objectionable
any other motives, both typical and unusual

Nintendo’s Potential for Refunds

In exceptional cases, Nintendo may provide refunds if a Nintendo Switch game.

inferior quality
seizures-provoking problems
glitches that break games
catastrophe flaws
Frequently criticized issues
Nintendo, for instance, issued refunds for Sonic Colors Ultimate orders in September 2021 due to the game’s severe flaws and glitches.

Nintendo Switch game refunds are not impossible, but they are incredibly uncommon because the firm does not want users to exploit the system.

Get in touch with Nintendo Support to let them know your account has been hijacked or hacked and get a reimbursement. In terms of refunds, this is a proper application of customer assistance.

In general, valid refunds will be permitted in the proper situations, although typically, with the restriction that it will be a one-time refund for a player.

How to Return Games on the Nintendo Switch

You can get a refund for digital Nintendo Switch games by contacting Nintendo support. Refund requests can be made via SMS, live chat, email, or phone call and are accepted from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily PT (except for major holidays).

How to Get Support from Nintendo

Click here to go to Nintendo’s help page.
Select a contact method (chat, text message, phone, email help ticket)
Fill out the form or state the reason for your return.
An answer while you wait
Nintendo again stated in its return policy that it does not grant refunds:

When contacting Nintendo support, keep in mind the company’s refund policy. Hope for the best, and only request refunds if there are severe problems with a game or if your account has been hijacked.

You will be satisfied knowing that Nintendo often doesn’t offer refunds for simple mistakes like incorrectly ordering something.

How to Stop Buying Games for the Nintendo Switch That You Don’t Like

Because Nintendo hardly ever offers returns, thoroughly investigate a Nintendo Switch game before buying it. Before purchasing, check Reddit reviews from game owners, two or three YouTube video impressions, and the game’s product description.

I recommend looking up the game on the Metacritic website.

This review aggregation website combines user and industry-wide review ratings for a game to understand how the gaming community feels about it.

How To Evaluate The Quality Of A Nintendo Switch Game (Check List)

Use this checklist for each game you want to purchase for the Nintendo Switch.

On each of the websites below, please type the name of the game into the search bar to find reliable details about the game, how it functions, and how good it is overall.

Making this a habit will help you make an informed purchasing decision.

Visit to read the game’s product description.
Search the game’s Reddit website to read reviews.
Visit to read user reviews and get overall review scores.
View at least two or three (video impressions and reviews) on searches for “GAME NAME review” or “GAME NAME difficulties.”
If the game has a demo, download it. Check for demos.

Obtain a tangible copy, if any (this allows you to refund a game if needed)

How To Stop Others From Buying Digital Content For The Nintendo Switch On Your Account

By putting in place limits, not preserving payment information, and requiring passwords to use the Nintendo Switch eShop digital store, you can stop people from making digital Nintendo Switch purchases on your account.

These three key recommendations will lessen the possibility that strangers, family members, and friends may gain access to your Nintendo Account and Nintendo Switch eShop.

1) Limit access to the Nintendo Switch eShop

By configuring your child’s Nintendo Account on the Nintendo website, parents and legal guardians can prevent their child’s account from accessing the Nintendo Switch eShop.

This will stop a child in your home from unintentionally using an account that may be linked to yours to buy digital games.

2) Don’t Save Payment Data

Don’t save your credit card or PayPal information on the Nintendo Switch eShop so others can’t purchase games using your Nintendo Account. If you had previously stored your payment options, remove them.

Saving your payment alternatives is undoubtedly convenient. You can save time by not having to input your PayPal login or credit card information each time you wish to purchase a new game.

However, because your credit card information has already been saved, anyone who gets access to your Nintendo Switch can go to the online store and purchase games.

You are strongly advised to keep your payment information private to avoid making unwanted transactions.

You need to be reassured if your payment method was never saved.

To erase a previously saved payment method, you must first go to the Nintendo Switch eShop:

see Account Details
choose a profile name
navigate to “PayPal Account” or “Credit Card Information.”
Eliminate and disconnect any saved accounts.

Password Required For Nintendo Switch eShop

Every time you access the Nintendo Switch eShop online shop, the Nintendo Switch should prompt you for your Nintendo Account password. Do not divulge your password to anyone, as only those with it can access the store to buy the software.

For access to the Nintendo Switch eShop, you can demand a password by

Accessing the eShop on the Nintendo Switch, Checking Account Details, and choosing a profile name
on the “Password-Entry Settings” page.
Adjusting the “Starting Nintendo eShop” setting to “Enter.”
Every time you access the Nintendo Switch eShop, you will be prompted for your password. This will stop unauthorized purchases from happening on your Nintendo Account.

To limit purchases made using your Nintendo Switch account by others, remember these three crucial pieces of advice.

Are Digital Nintendo Switch Games Available for Sale?

Once acquired, digital Nintendo Switch games cannot be sold. Digital Nintendo Switch games are tied to the player’s Nintendo Account once purchased. Additionally, the purchased game cannot, under any circumstances, be transferred to another player or account.

The usual for digital transactions in the industry is for a marketplace where previously acquired titles may be sold, but the Nintendo Switch does not have one.

On the Nintendo Switch eShop, digital game codes can be bought and sold again before the code is used to play the game.

How to Proceed If You Don’t Want a Digital Game Code

You can first ask the store where you bought the game code for a refund if you have a Nintendo Switch game code that you no longer want or regret purchasing. You might either sell it on an online marketplace or give it away.

After a digital game’s code has been redeemed on the Nintendo Switch eShop, it can no longer be sold or given away. Before saving the game’s code, please make sure you genuinely want to play it.

Before purchasing or redeeming your next Nintendo Switch game, consider this and conduct the research provided in this tutorial.

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